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  1. spoling
    I just purchased Dicot. I cannot see how to get 3 or 4 images side by side as the theme was displayed prior to purchase.
  2. mettedicot
    mettedicot admin
    I am using the Dicot theme. I currently leave out meta info on posts but I would like to have the date there on the front page (for all posts), however, not the author. Also when my posts are 'images' this information is displayed as well. But it's not really relevant to viewers whether a post is an image or standard, so I'd like to remove that as well. Can I do this using CSS code? Please advise. Thanks.
  3. mettedicot
    Hello. A large white space has appeared between my oldest post and my footer. Can I get rid of this in CSS? (I'm using the Dicot theme)
  4. haavarsimon
    Anemone theme is great! How do I remove the DesignOrbital link/credits from the footer?
  5. lucaf17
    lucaf17 admin
    hi , I have 2 problems with farad theme.
    This is site:
    The site's pages load incorrectly , the text first and then the initial image , the page does a bad flash. how can I load the page properly?
    In the contact page I added the widget farad google map but in the maximum screen size do not see the map , but if I reduce the size of a tablet or smartphone page you see the map
    thank you so much
  6. sandysaini
    How I can import all sample data in my farad theme???
  7. marianne
    marianne admin
    Hi, I just upgraded on Prana Pro the newest version of wordpress and I can no longer see my text in the visual editor on any of my posts??? I have deactivated my plug ins and there is still to visual editor. I am not tech savvy and have no idea where to begin. Your help would be appreciated. Thanks ...Marianne. Also I could not figure out how to begin a new post to ask this question :)
    1. admin

      Please ensure that you have upgraded the theme properly. It should not behave like that and editor issue cannot be related to theme.

      Please try the following measures.

      - Deactivate the Prana Pro and Activate any other theme temporarily.
      - Now check the editor, if it works fine ?
      - Reactivate the Prana Pro again and recheck the editor.
      - Also try, to deactivate plugins one by one.

      Apr 27, 2015
  8. miraclejj
    miraclejj admin
    hi, please is there any way i can add 1 or 2 advert box ( 728 x 90 ) just below my website title line ( ) thanks
    1. admin
      You need to edit related templates to add Ads.
      Jan 7, 2015
  9. oaprofessionals
    oaprofessionals admin
    Could you please tell me how to adjust the size of the logo? i would like to make it larger, thanks.
  10. oaprofessionals
    oaprofessionals admin
    Hi, i just purchased axon theme and would like to set the home page up like the demo. the default blog settings include full width, right and left sidebar blog pages. how do i get the 3 articles at the top of the page like the demo?

    I posted this in the axon thread but have not received a response. please help. thanks!
    1. admin
      I have just replied your thread in Axon Support Forum.
      Mar 21, 2014
  11. cyberdoc
    cyberdoc admin
    I've tried to change the color (skin) using Contango Pro Theme Settings.
    After selecting the desired color
    I pressed SAFE CHANGES , but nothing happens.

    May be I've something overlooked?

    Theme Contango Pro
    WP 3.5.1.

    As an old Newbee I need your help!

    As a German I have trouble expressing myself in english correctly.

    Thank you in advance
    1. admin
      Mar 21, 2014